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Did you know that staff writer Jordan McCollum is also a MamaBlogga?

Well, she recently went through the nightmare that is known as the “Blogger to WordPress switch”, something we went through last year. Anyway, she’s uploaded a detailed guide to how she did it, and passed on lots of cool tips for others considering making the switch.

  • Thanks sooooo much for this info Jordan. We have been wanting an easy way to move our company blog off of blogger and to our domain. Now we can do this much easier than I ever anticipated!

  • Jordan McCollum

    You’re welcome, but I think we should both be thanking Andy for linking to me.

    I should also recommend Andy’s list of WP plugins which I used in setting up my blog.

  • Yes, a big thanks to Andy as well. I tried to comment on your blog Jordan but it doesn’t seem to work so I just posted here.

    I would definitely love to see what plugins that Andy suggests also…Andy?

  • Thanks!

  • Jordan McCollum

    Thanks for letting me know my comments were broken, Mark. I’ve fixed them now (I hope).

    And I was all sad because not even my mother was commenting. Silly.

  • Great guide this one. It’s not a very easy task to import from blogger to wordpress, even if they say that the rss impor-export will do the trick, that’s not right. One of the problems it’s the charset, worst if it is not an english written blog.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Thanks, Jonix. I’m not sure how well the plugin I used will work with non standard English characters; however, I think that it was created by a speaker of another language. I’m not sure, and the site it down right now so I can’t check.

  • jordan, can’t you use only the rss import?

  • Jordan McCollum

    I’m not sure which import you’re referring to. I found a plugin for an RSS-based import, but it’s not currently included with WordPress (though I think it will be soon). I haven’t tried the standard RSS import-export function included with WordPress.

    If you’re having trouble with special characters in your RSS, it might be helpful to recode them into HTML (ie instead of typing just é, é).

  • Jordan i was refering to the RSS-Import from the wordpress, it’s suposed to be a good importer of blogger blogs. I don’t know if your are talking about this plugin (blogger -> WordPress), but i leave you the link:

  • Thanks for this, at some point I’ll make the move, so it’s good to have a resource to be able to look at.

  • …and if people were looking for a reason to move from blogger –

  • Hi,
    I wrote these
    simple instructions how to import blogger beta posts to wordpress easily and without using any plugins.

  • good share
    i tested and it` works 🙂