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In Tokyo today, Jimmy Wales once again discusses his yet-unnamed wiki search engine (which I lovingly call NotWikiaSari). Wales says that NotWikiaSari hopes to usurp as much as 5% of the search market.

But oh, what they’ll do with that 5%. Bump off Ask? you guess. No no. They’ll revolutionize search—no, the Internet! As Reuters reports:

“The idea that Google has some edge because they’ve got super-duper rocket scientists may be a little antiquated now,” [Wales] said.

Describing the two Internet firms as “black boxes” that won’t disclose how they rank search results, Wales said collaborative search technology could transform the power structure of the Internet.

Wales, a former futures trader who has become an evangelist for the free sharing of technology, said users could work together to improve search engines, just as Wikipedia users had tweaked and rewritten articles on the sprawling encyclopaedia.

The process of constant improvement would also make search technology less susceptible to spam, he said.

Yeah, or as I said the last time I covered NotWikiaSari, “They’ll find a way to exploit [the algorithm] . . . or erase it and replace it with, ‘ha ha u wont find NE content hear!'”

Way to go, NotWikiaSari. Shoot for the stars.

UPDATE: Macworld reports that NotWikiaSari will launch in Q4.