SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO!

Over at SEO Refugee, “Skitzzo” posts a bold proclamation that “SEO is Dead” (linkbait anyone?), and I agree, to an extent.

While at Search Summit Australia, I was asked to name the winners and losers for 2007. I chose the title “search engine marketer” as a loser – not for the skills, just the name. You see, search marketers have grown their talents tremendously over the past few years, and to say that we focus just on the “search engines” is a misnomer.

I for one, refer to myself simply as an “internet marketing consultant”, because I believe so much that I do, cannot be labeled as being just search engine related. With the rise of social media, web analytics, blogging, reputation management and linkbait – among just a few new skills – search marketers are leading the way, when it comes to online marketing.

The First Video Ad for Joost

Remember when video site Joost stormed on to the scene, when it snagged the Viacom distribution deal out from under YouTube?

In case you’re still not sure what Joost is all about, they’ve created their own TV commercial.

Oh the irony of using YouTube to share a Joost commercial. ;-)

Via Adverblog.

Are We All Scared of Google?

You may find that tech blogs are running a little late today. You can blame Business Week for their lengthy look at whether Google has become too powerful. The cover page asks “Who’s Afraid of Google” and Rob Hof has an excellent take on whether Google is starting to feel a backlash, or not.

In case you need an abridged version, here are the good parts.

Remember the Googlezon video, predicting Google dominance by the year 2014? Some think it’s already here…

“It’s Google’s world,” shrugs Chris Tolles, vice-president of marketing at Topix Inc., which makes money from running Google ads on its news aggregation site. “We just live in it.”

And despite marketers fearing Google’s dominance…

Says Paul Martino, chief executive of the search service Aggregate Knowledge Inc.: “We’re beginning to see the Anything But Google’ backlash.”

The Future of SEM

It seems like every tradeshow, expo and seminar has to have at least one session on the future of its industry. Generally, the predictions are . . . general. The industry will grow beyond our wildest imaginations, something completely different will come along, things we have no control over will change everything, etc.

But what if we made more concrete predictions for the future of our industry? That’s what Manoj Jasra of Web Analytics World has done. In his post, “Future of SEM: What WILL and WILL NOT Matter,” he outlines five things that will no longer matter and five things that will matter in the future.

His list of things that won’t matter in the future starts off pretty predictably: meta tags, page size, javascripting, location of content. But #5 is a bit unexpected:

The Right Way to Do Video Ads

We’ve long been told that to appeal to an online audience, traditional advertisers must change the way that they create their video ads. But studies say . . . no. A study by Millward Brown now indicates that the online video audience receives the same 30 second video ad spot quite similarly to offline viewers—nay, better than their offline counterparts.

eMarketer reports:

Web spots increased the viewer attention rate by 53%, awareness by 52%, consideration by 27% and favorability by 26%. Prompted recall of brand advertising was four times higher for Web viewers.

68% of the online viewers retained information from the ad breaks, as opposed to 59% of the offline viewers. Analysts cite various reasons, not the least of which is the tendency to get up and walk away during TV commercials.

Blogging Code of Conduct?

Every once in a while, there comes a call for a blogging code of conduct. Usually, these rules are unwritten, but after what’s been happening to Kathy Sierra et al., some are campaigning for a more concrete code of ethics for bloggers.

And it’s not just people outside of blogging that are out of touch with its ins-and-outs. Tim O’Reilly tells the BBC:

“I do think we need some code of conduct around what is acceptable behaviour, I would hope that it doesn’t come through any kind of [legal/government] regulation it would come through self-regulation.”

While condemning the bloggers who issued the threats, Mr O’Reilly was keen that the whole blogosphere should not be tarred with the same brush.

Moving Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Did you know that staff writer Jordan McCollum is also a MamaBlogga?

Well, she recently went through the nightmare that is known as the “Blogger to WordPress switch”, something we went through last year. Anyway, she’s uploaded a detailed guide to how she did it, and passed on lots of cool tips for others considering making the switch.