CNNMoney Scolds Media for Shunning YouTube

Today, CBS spurned YouTube for its online user-generated video content, going with CSTV instead (check it out on MarketingVox). The college sports network will be teaming up with CBS for a March-Madness-themed UGC contest (though I can’t imagine anyone would want to watch the NCAAs when you just know Duke won’t win. So sad. ;) ).

Roger Kay, principal analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates, says of the CBS/CSTV deal: “It’s about narrowcasting—getting a more finely grained view of your audience and being able to cater to them more specifically is now more attractive.”

Apparently CBS officials don’t read Yesterday’s commentary, entitled “Wake up, media! YouTube is not the enemy!“, counseled big media corporations that they shouldn’t fear YouTube, but embrace it. From the article:

Australia’s Schools Blocking YouTube

It’s seems appropriate (seeing that I am in Australia) that I mention news that the Australian state of Victoria has banned YouTube in its schools.

Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, has banned the popular video-sharing site from its 1,600 government schools after a gang of male school students videotaped their degrading assault on a 17-year-old girl on the outskirts of the state capital of Melbourne.

It seems to me, they should have banned YouTube in schools anyway – it’s hardly a resource school kids need to access, is it?

“Kids, today, we’re going to learn about the evolution of dance. You will be tested!” Proves Digg Can Still be Bought

Despite the many bold claims by Digg execs that the popular tagging site can easily spot attempts to game the system, proves that it can be done – and quite easily too.

Four and a half hours later, I was the only person who had dugg my story. That’s when I hired a Digg-gaming service called User/Submitter, or U/S. This enterprise, run by one or more zealously anonymous individuals, advertises that it can help “submitters” get Digg stories noticed by paying “users” to digg them…Ten hours after hiring U/S, I had 40 diggs…When I woke up in the morning, my story had been awarded the “became popular” tag and had 121 diggs. U/S had done what it promised: The company had helped me buy my way into Digg popularity, and my site traffic had gone way up — overnight, I’d been hammered with so many hits that the diggers had to set up a mirror.

The Must-Buy Book on Web Analytics

I’ve not actually read Avinash Kaushik’s new book “Web Analytics: An Hour a Day“, but it’s definitely going on my recommended list.

If you’ve ever met Avinash or read his excellent web analytics blog, you’ll know that he’s an expert on all things web metrics related and has a great personality too!

If you’re an internet marketer or web designer, you should head over to immediately and place your advance order.

Not only will you learn a lot about web analytics, but you’ll be helping to great causes. Avinash is donating all of his profits from the book to two charities.

You can learn more at the official book web site.

Google Gains Foothold in China

CNC logoChina’s second largest fixed-line (“telephone”) operator, China Networks Communications Corp., has signed an agreement with Google for broadband users’ Internet search services. Google will provide a search bar on CNC’s broadband start page, CNC serves 16 million broadband customers through its subsidiary, China Netcom Broadband Corp.

The announcement come after Baidu’s 2006 gains, reported in February, and Google’s deal with China Mobile in January. Last September, China’s largest fixed-line operator, China Telecom, inked a deal with Microsoft. CT serves 25 million customers.

News coverage
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We Made the List

Todd And's Power 150Since Lee mentioned it in passing today, I thought we could make a formal announcement. If you felt as though something was missing from Todd And‘s Power 150, a listing of the top 150 marketing blogs, fret no longer. Last week, Andy and Todd e-mailed and Marketing Pilgrim was added to the Power 150—we’re now at number 8.

Thanks, Todd!

Citysearch Acquires InsiderPages

citysearch/insider pagesOnce dominated by Citysearch, competition has increased in the local sector—Insider Pages, Judy’s Book,, etc. Sometimes, if you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em: Citysearch has acquired Insider Pages, a local review site.

Insider Pages has been reported to be struggling lately, but the reports have not included the actual price. Insider Pages had garnered $9 – $10 million in venture capital; TechCrunch reports the acquisition was around $13 million. Although there were multiple bidders, Insider Pages selected Citysearch because it’s complimentary, according to VP of Marketing Anne Raimondi.

VentureBeat reports:

Insider Pages has about 600,000 user reviews, and they’ll be integrated into the Citysearch’s offering, she said. It has 2.5 million monthly unique readers, she said, based on Comscore and internal tracking numbers.