Google Confirms Click Fraud Rate is 0.02%

Back in December, I caused quite a storm, when I published data from Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder that suggested Google’s click fraud rate was less than 2% (and actually less than 0.2%).

Speaking with Ghosemajumder last week, it appears that story helped form Google’s strategy for coming clean on the actual numbers for click fraud.

Google has now confirmed that user-identified click-fraud (the clicks not already filtered by Google) is actually less than 0.02% of all Google clicks. In addition, the average rate of invalid clicks (Google’s term for clicks that are filtered automatically and not charged to advertisers) is less than 10% of all clicks.

Not publicized by Google – but I certainly stressed to them they should make a deal of – is that their click fraud numbers are vetted and audited by an outside company. These numbers are not just plucked out of the air by Ghosemajumder.

CBS Poaching Interactive Marketing CMO

The AP reports that CBS has hired Patrick Keane, a Google ad sales executive, as the Chief Marketing Officer of CBS Interactive. Keane was in charge of Google’s ad sales strategy. He’s now in charge of marketing CBS content on ‘emerging media platforms.’

From the AP article: “Keane . . . will be responsible for both monetizing CBS’ digital content and heading its online research, sales training and search engine optimization.

I googled Keane and oddly enough, the #1 result was a post from July 2004 on Search Engine Lowdown, by none other than our own Andy Beal. Its title? “Google’s Patrick Keane Afraid of Search Engine Optimizers.” Back in ’04, Keane spoke at AD:TECH. From the post: