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Corporations: blogging should be working for you, after all you need to blog . . . but how?

Of course, I don’t think I could do this series without mentioning Andy’s business blog consulting services. Here are just a few resources for corporate bloggers on everything from finding readers to writing.

Complete Feeds
These are blogs where every post or almost every post relates directly to skills and techniques you’ll want to implement.
Copyblogger: writing
ProBlogger: promotion, writing and more
Creating Passionate Users: make your visitors fans and your fans fanatics.
Business Blog Consulting (which doesn’t actually offer consulting services): blogging advice
Church of the Consumer Blog: turn your fanatics into evangelists

Categories on larger feeds

SEOmoz: Blogging
Marketing Pilgrim: Blogging and Reputation Management (of course)

Outstanding Posts

Neil Patel’s 50 Favorite Blogging Resources—including a whole section on corporate blogging.
An old-but-still-totally-valid post by Robert Scoble, the Corporate Weblog Manifesto.
Jeremiah Owyang’s Blogging Resources List and Index and Web Strategy: How to be a Corporate Blog Evangelist.

I have a really good, on-point PDF white paper in my vast collection, but I can’t find it on the site that originally published it and the site is now inactive. I’m not sure what to do with that one…

I know this list isn’t complete: what are your best resources on corporate blogging?