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The paid blogging arena is starting to crowd-up a little with SponsoredReviews emerging from beta and throwing their hat into the ring. The site is now fully open and is the creation of the guys behind Text Link Brokers (disc) and hopes to challenge rivals Pay Per Post and ReviewMe.

If you don’t have the time to build organic reviews/links or are short on time, you might want to consider SponsoredReviews. I’ve not used them and I’m still debating which side of the fence to fall on with the whole paid blogging industry, but it looks like it’s not going away.

  • I am curious if they will make you state that it is a “Paid advertisement”, like PPP does.

  • I believe they insist on disclosure.

  • Brian,

    Yes, Disclosure is required.

  • Yes, i think paid blogging will become more successfull in years to come. I personally would feel comfortable blogging for money.

  • Jarrod used his service to purchase an in depth review from me. I believe it is a great example of the value an “advertiser” can receive from a paid review. It is not about the links or the traffic, but also the feedback.

    It is also important to think not just about the number of readers a blog has, but the quality.

    In the comments on the post there is even an extremely good example of how 2 competitors in the same niche (Pay Per Post and Sponsored Reviews) can form potential working relationships simply by showing an understanding of each others points of view.

  • Another one that many people are using is Blogsvertise. I haven’t signed up to check it out yet but it looks about on par with the others.

  • I think Andy Beard’s great review style and personal ethics is an exception to the rule when it comes to paid posts.

    I’ve read a thousand other blogs with crappy reviews and its apparent that they are just posting the designated links and anchor text in order to get paid.

    As an advertiser, I think you really need to pick the right blogs and writers. And of course, like everything else.. the more you pay, the more likely you are to get quality work in return.

  • Maki,

    Your absolutely right.

    If you want a great review with great buzz building potential, you need to cherry pick the reviewer.

    Of course, there are lots of advertisers that just want the links.