Posted March 8, 2007 7:17 pm by with 1 comment

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Yahoo has premiered a few new features today. In addition to adding a social component to Yahoo Answers, they premiered the new My Yahoo.

YahooThe Yahoo Answers social network allows you to make friends with other Answerers. Although it’s like Yahoo’s other social networks, according to Search Engine Land, the Answers network can’t import your contacts from other Yahoo social networks.

Although the director of product management for social search, Tomi Poutanen (what a fine Finnish name!), says this choice is deliberate, he also notes that they’ll be adding this capability in the future.

See also PC World‘s and Yahoo‘s own coverage.

Also today, they’ve premiered the new My Yahoo. With a step in the direction of personalization, they build your “My Yahoo” page based on your user preferences (I think that’s only if you haven’t already signed up and personalized your page, though). TechCrunch and Read/WriteWeb have full reviews; both seem pretty positive.

  • Yahoo, a little slow on the trigger finger as usual.