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Here’s some of the news also going on in the search world now:

  • Google Blogoscoped features an FAQ of Google censorship, including a pretty comprehensive history of censorship by Google—and not just on Says Phillip Lenssen: “For the scope of this FAQ I’ll define censorship as missing results which are filtered for reasons of politics or regulations, not because they’re spam, non-family friendly, or copyright-infringements (though your mileage may vary).”
  • Today is Yahoo’s 12th birthday, according to Wired. That explains why they’re having such a hard time lately—they’re in the ‘awkward’ stage.
  • eMarketer reports that Facebook is tops with the 17-25 demographic (free on a limited basis). As a member of that demographic, I say, “Duh. MySpace is for my 15-year-old sister and child predators.” Females in the demographic name MySpace and YouTube as numbers 2 and 3, respectively. Males pick YouTube and Yahoo! as 2 and 3 (MySpace is #6—ight above Wikipedia).
  • Worried about personalized Google results? Search Engine Land has Gord Hotchkiss interviewing Matt Cutts on personalized search. Matt hopes that personalization will eventually spell the end of black hat SEO. Pretty interesting stuff.
  • InfoWorld is bearish on Microsoft’s online prospects. It’s almost sad, really. (Sadder, in my opinion, was the Techmeme headline “Adobe wants to be the Microsoft of the Web.” That’s like wanting to grow up to be the vice president or the Queen of England—only in addition to having no power, everyone hates you. I know, what they’re trying to say is Adobe wants to be to the Internet what Microsoft is to computers offline.)
  • Yahoo!Xtra and get ready to duke it out over who has the most kiwis (y’know, New Zealanders). This one makes gets me feeling the Weltschmerz all over again: a battle (to the death?) for second place. Get coverage from m-net and Read/WriteWeb (both NZ-based).

Okay, with so much sad news, I have to add a few headlines that are only tangentially related to search marketing:

  • The BBC reports that Ask A Ninja will be elected President. Or the next elected president will have asked a ninja how to win. Or that both know how to leverage online networks to gain populist appeal and grass-roots popularity. Something like that.
  • Meet the world’s oldest blogger. I won’t keep you in suspense: she’s 107. Man. I thought I came late to the blogging game.
  • Viral Video Done Right. Now if only they were selling something: I’m not going to accuse Carolina and State students of being liars just because I’m a Duke fan. I’ll do it because they made a fake break up video that became crazily popular. (And in case you’re wondering, the video’s not in the top 10 on Google for “break up.”)
  • Speaking of relationships, now for the most “tangential” of all: Rand, when you get married, be sure to fill out the paperwork very carefully, or you might end up like this guy who accidentally married his best man. (In this guy’s defense, maybe British marriage certificates are a lot more complicated than American ones…)

Hope that’s a brighter note to start your weekend with.

  • Wow, I think the personalized search story is going to cause quite a buzz through the SEO blogsphere. It will be interesting to see if Quadzilla addresses it on his blog.