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We’ve long been told that to appeal to an online audience, traditional advertisers must change the way that they create their video ads. But studies say . . . no. A study by Millward Brown now indicates that the online video audience receives the same 30 second video ad spot quite similarly to offline viewers—nay, better than their offline counterparts.

eMarketer reports:

Web spots increased the viewer attention rate by 53%, awareness by 52%, consideration by 27% and favorability by 26%. Prompted recall of brand advertising was four times higher for Web viewers.

68% of the online viewers retained information from the ad breaks, as opposed to 59% of the offline viewers. Analysts cite various reasons, not the least of which is the tendency to get up and walk away during TV commercials.

So, while you certainly can work very hard to create awesome web-only content, realize that your already successful (and expensive) TV ads might work even better online.

  • 2-3 years ago, everyone allways said “video online will not work at all!”. Then the broadband connections appeared, the internet has accelerated, and the opinions changed 180 degrees, and now, video ads, are one of the best kind of ads and with a great future ahead.

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