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While the average spent on online advertising in the U.S. hovers around 5% of total ad budgets, the U.K. is blazing a trail with 11.4%.

Online advertising grew by more than 41% in 2006, overtaking national newspaper ads (10.7% share) and about half the amount spent on TV ads (which actually dropped 4.7%).

It’s good news for online marketers…

“The internet is a hugely popular mass medium now, and advertisers are continuing to switch more of their budgets online to build their brands and interact with their customers,” said IAB chief executive Guy Phillipson.

Why the rapid growth?

“With consumers now enjoying even faster broadband and installing wireless routers in their homes, the growth of online advertising in the UK is set to continue unabated,” he added.

And we already know Europeans spend more online that their American cousins.

  • “Online spending” passed “National Newspaper ad spending” – there is still a lot more spending in regional and lokal newspaper alone … so your heading (around for quite a while) needs a correction and maybe US is not so bad if you compare online spending with the few national newspapers!

  • Hugo – you broke my avatar plugin. Is it just my browser or is your avatar huge???

    But good point on regional newspaper spending.

  • Sorry Andy … it should be huge, hugo

    As a small apology:
    The breakdown on UK spending (hopefully soon for 2006)

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  • @Jonix: no!
    Lets go back to the reason for my comment and the real question:
    Did UK Internet ad spending pass ad spending in UK newspapers? The answer is NO …

  • Don’t get mad, hugo, was just a question and a helping answer.
    Returning to the topic, how do you have sure that is NO?

  • @Jonix
    IPA reported ad spending in 2005 for

    National Newspapers 1,919 mUKP
    Regional Newspapers 2,994 mUKP

    Total 4,913 mUKP

    Internet 1,366 mUKP

    The above quoted BBC Report counts plus 41,2 % for UK Internet ad spending in 2006 = makes 1,929 mUKP and there still a long way to go to catch up with newspapers.

    The orginal report was only comparing UK “national printed newspapers” vs. UK online, as Andy writes in his report … but the heading still refers to ‘newspaper’.