What’s Hot on Andy’s Link Blog?

There’s always lots of cool news items over at my Google Reader Link Blog. If you’ve not already subscribed to the feed, you’re missing out on great stuff like…

  • http://www.tylerbanfield.com/blog Tyler Banfield

    Thanks Andy, I’ll definitely be subscribing!

  • http://blog.contextweb.com John Ebbert

    Very cool, Andy. But, let me ask an SEO question.. Aren’t you concerned about the shared links and excerpts getting spidered and creating duplicate content of your site? Or am I thinking too hard?

    Continued success,

    John Ebbert

  • http://healthtreatments.blogspot.com Eliena Andrews

    I have subscribed it Andy, really nice article. Keep going on like this… Thanks

    Best REgards,
    Eliena Andrews

  • http://www.esplanade.sg lyndonmaxewell

    It’s a nice read. I’m in it as well.

  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    John – not sure I understand your question. The shared links are hosted on Google’s URL, so nothing will be duplicated at Marketing Pilgrim. I wish they offered an option to just share a snippet of each post, but they don’t. I’m at least able to control the RSS feed so that it only shows a snippet – that way I can help protect the original content owner.

  • http://blog.contextweb.com John

    Got ya, Andy. I think you’ve answered my question with the “snippet.”

    I was actually thinking more about your content.. you’re publishing a snippet on your reader but the whole article, obviously, is on Marketing Pilgrim. So is there a negative SEO effect by having the snippet published elsewhere and creating duplicate content? Answer: No, not with a snippet. Am I making sense yet?

    (just getting some insight from the expert – you!)

  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    John – not sure I’m following you. For my own blog posts, I publish the full post. This does get picked-up and published elsewhere – including scraper sites – but Google knows that I am the originator (based on authority and links) and so it’s the other content that gets filtered, not mine. Does that help?

  • http://blog.contextweb.com John

    Now I see what you’re saying – that helps immensely. Thanks, Andy.

  • Steve

    Andy, I came across this post on link building and apparently hidden links: http://www.ebaspace.com/2007/03/17/tom-antion
    How can Google not catch something this obvious? Am I missing something? Thanks!