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Not since SEMPO Tahoe mocked SEMPO, has anyone pulled off a great spoof of a questionable search marketing organization. Michael Arrington serves up a treat with news that BegForPost has launched.

What’s it all about?

You’ve worked for months building a startup on a boostrap budget and the launch is near. How will you get an initial influx of traffic to propel your product/service into viral bliss? Don’t pay off bloggers to promote your startup, beg! Getting started is quick and easy. Fill out the form below, sit back, and wait for Internet stardom. You’re almost there!

Here’s what the service promises…

  • Completely free
  • No chicken hats
  • No conflicts of interest
  • No annoying reality show
  • No direct deployments to production
  • No premature acquisition announcements

To the person behind, thanks for the laugh, but I would expect a lawyers letter pretty soon. 😉

  • Ohhhh, I lost a mouthful of coffee when I saw that!

  • It aren’t going to work at all.. Which bloggers would blog for others for “free”? There’s no free lunch in the world.. 😀

  • Apparently, and this is where it gets interesting, the website was set up from somone who wanted Arrington to link to his website.

    Have a read:

  • I see that this site will self-destruct on April 28th.

    With the traffic he is already getting (judging by entries) and the traffic he is likely to get… I have to ask why he hasn’t monetized that page??

    Talk about missed opportunity.

  • Missed opportunity? This is a great example of linkl-bait. This site will have a healthy weight because of all the links pointing to it. The site can be monetized when the timing is right. I wouldn’t want to pimp it out with Adsense or a lead-gen form of some sort.

  • Why do you think that andy? A lawyer? naaa, they’re not violating any trademark. This is a crazy idea, and the most of us think that’ll not work of course, but we maybe have a suprise…