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There’s still talk that Google could become the next Microsoft. The U.K.’s Guardian looks at the similarities between the two companies and how Google’s explosive growth is as much of a drain, as it is a boost.

Apart from the many law suits, there’s the new competition and Wall Street’s concern that Google is starting to overreach…

…shares reached $500 in 2006, but have fallen 13 per cent since January, reflecting worries about its diversification into new markets…Google is no longer the hottest thing on Wall Street and has underperformed the wider market index in recent months. Investors fear that retaliation from competitors could choke off growth that had already showed signs of slowing when it reported its latest quarterly figures. And anxiety persists about the court case with Viacom, which could cost Google untold millions in damages if lost.

I don’t think Google needs to worry about becoming the next Microsoft for the foreseeable future, but then again, I’m sure Microsoft didn’t worry about becoming Microsoft either.