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Yahoo China is being sued over copyright violations. Warner Music Group Corp. says that the Chinese search engine “provid[es] links to unlicensed music.” Beijing’s Intermediate Court has accepted the case.

There are 11 companies as plaintiffs seeking damages of a whopping 5.5 million yuan.

Reuters reports:

“Yahoo! China respects intellectual property rights and supports the fight against music piracy,” Yahoo! China spokesman Porter Erisman said in an e-mailed statement.

“The courts have clearly established the precedent that search engine operators are not liable for content posted on third-party Web sites.”

Is it the principle of the thing? I mean, the 5.5 million figure is impressive until you see the conversion to dollars: $710,686. The headlines are going to do more damage to Yahoo than the case is.

Yahoo: get the case dismissed or settle quickly.

Maybe Microsoft should have taken aim at Yahoo instead of Google. I mean, aside from the logic of working your way up, now that Yahoo’s being sued for copyright violation, Microsoft might not have come off as badly as they did for attacking Google.

  • Dean

    What?? Copyright violations in China?? Are you kidding me?? Next you’ll tell me that they restrict access to western media, prohibit free speech, and mass produce knock-offs of high end consumer products. 😛

    Say it ain’t so!