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If you have a good memory, you’ll recall Yahoo’s sweet click fraud settlement deal, which would hold the company to just $5m in legal fees and a review of click fraud activity back to 2004. If you don’t have a good memory, that’s why we’re here!

Anyway, the courts have made the settlement final – at a breathtaking pace of 9 months – and the settlement will stand, “as called on the field.”

The settlement agreement was given preliminary approval by the court last summer. However, attorneys involved in a class action suit over click fraud in Arkansas contested the settlement arguing that Yahoo was not responding to the Arkansas lawsuit in good faith when it was settling the case in California. The California settlement releases Yahoo from all similar click fraud claims against it in other actions, including the Arkansas litigation.

Obviously Yahoo’s new click fraud “czar” is pleased as punch…

The “final approval of the settlement validates the strength of Yahoo’s click-through protection systems, and our commitment to delivering a quality experience to both our advertisers and our consumers,” said Reggie Davis, Yahoo’s new vice president of marketplace quality.