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In case you missed it, the Turkish government banned YouTube from the entire country. One judicial decision and they flip a switch—bam. No more Lazy Sunday in Turkey. (I’m not being flip; apparently the ban really is that simple.) (Okay, I’m being flip about Lazy Sunday.)

The questionable video that prompted the decision, which criticized Turkey’s founder, has been removed from the site. Philipp Lenssen reports that YouTube is working to get back into Turkey. This is only natural since Turkey was one of their most profitable markets 😉 .

As if that weren’t enough, Mark Cuban has subpoenaed YouTube/Google to get the identities of users who posted pirated versions of copyrighted works from his Magnolia Pictures.

He tells Reuters:

“We don’t expect to get valid user information,” Cuban said in an e-mail correspondence. “If we do, we will contact them and ask them what induced them to upload content they don’t own.”

What are they going to say? “*shrug* i thought ppl wud like it & i wanted my friends 2 see it”?

Pete points out what we all know but probably forgot—incessant teasing usually means you’re in love. Yeah, I’m still in grade school, too.

UPDATE: Turkey ban lifted, March 9.

  • I bet current TV censorship levels will be very similar (eventually) to each countries internet censorship level.

    That is, when these governments figure out what’s on MySpace and YouTube etc.

    It’s too bad.