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Loss: After Viacom got YouTube to remove its videos and signed a deal with, Viacom announced yesterday that its video views and profits were up:

“Video streaming traffic on our sites has increased dramatically, an important validation of our strategy,” said Philippe Dauman, president and chief executive of Viacom, owned by media mogul Sumner Redstone.

Traffic to Comedy Central’s website was up more than 90 per cent, had increased by more than 50 per cent and Nickelodeon had seen more than 30 per cent more traffic in the past month, Viacom said.

The media group, which released fourth-quarter results on Thursday, said quarterly profit nearly quadrupled to $480m, partly reflecting the acquisition of the DreamWorks film studio.

(From the Financial Times.)

Win: At the same time, as we covered yesterday, YouTube’s traffic actually increased 14% since removing the videos. YouTube was receiving about 30 times the amount of traffic that was through January of this year (according to Compete). A little extrapolation from those numbers, if YouTube’s and Viacom’s calculations are correct: from 1M to 2M visitors. YouTube: from 30M to 34M visitors. I’ll take 14% of 30M over 90% of 1M any day.

Win: YouTube has found some success with media partnerships lately, with Monday’s deal with the NBA and Tuesday’s deal with Wind-up Records. Perhaps biggest of all, today YouTube announces a partnership with the BBC.

Win: YouTube gets coverage for all those deals in the New York Times. Plus, the Times says YouTube has been pursuing lots partnerships with smaller media outlets:

But most of YouTube’s licensing deals have been done quietly. It says it has firmed up more than 1,000 partnerships with content owners ranging from the Sundance Channel to small independent video producers.

Without specifying how many of those deals have been signed since their site was acquired by Google last fall, YouTube officials say they are adding more than 200 media partners a quarter.

Overall, YouTube is 3-1.