Posted April 12, 2007 6:44 pm by with 3 comments

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Facebook is getting a lot of press today after its recent redesign. Unlike their last major update, introducing a “news feed” that tracked all your friends’ actions on the site, this one appears to be well received. In fact, the largest “I hate the new Facebook layout” groups appear to be left over from the last redesign.

One reason for the improved reception was Facebook’s effort to solicit user feedback before making the change. They created screenshots of the new layout and uploaded them to the site, asking users for feedback for weeks before actually making the shift. I guess they learned something the last time around.

Reuters cover the redesign (but the screenshot they use is of the old layout). Also interesting to note, since we’re always reminded more than 50% of MySpace users are over the age of 35, since Facebook opened its membership beyond college students, now more than 50% of its members are not in college (which I assume includes high school students). However, ClickZ reports that 1/3 of Facebook’s members are in the 18-24 bracket.

Rutgers also says that Facebook membership worldwide has reached 24.8 million, up 75% since its membership stumble last September. It’s the second most popular social networking site after MySpace, now touting 98.5 million members (26% growth in the same time period).