Posted April 16, 2007 5:04 pm by with 1 comment

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As if you weren’t spoiled enough with a link round-up this morning, here’s one to get you through the afternoon!

  • Michael Jensen has a novel approach to disclosing paid links. His idea helps users know if a link is paid, without telling Google anything. This should flush out if Google really cares about the user or its precious algorithm. 😉
  • Netvibes has launched Netvibes Universe which allows you to publish a customized homepage for anyone to use.
  • Real estate estimator, Zillow, has been banned in Arizona. They’ve been told they have to be a certified appraiser in order to provide home values. Hogwash! This is just pressure from Realtors who are scared of losing what little power they have left.
  • Michael’s solution isn’t as ideal as his post makes out. It won’t show up in feeds, and even if he uses inline CSS some feed readers strip that out.

    A better alternative (for the legal side) is just to use a disclosure policy, and specific per post disclosure in text, either manually or with my plugin.
    A few people have also found my Feedburner Feedflare useful