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If you though the million dollar homepage was a great idea, you may like this one that utilizes video.

Jose Augusto is hoping to sell advertisers a single frame in a TV ad for just $39. From the press release…

“For $39, the price of one frame, everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame. Well, it’s not really 15 minutes, but only 1/25 of a second. But still, YOU can be on TV.

Of course the risk no one will notice it when buying only one frame is substantial, since video will be made of thousands of different frames rapidly flickering. However, one frame can still make a difference when putting imagination to work…

To avoid extensive viewer’s eye fatigue, blocks of 15 and 30 consecutive seconds have been reserved. Due to the high price they reach, only big investors will be able to buy those blocks to run their commercials. Being side by side with homebrew frames will certain be very appellative to corporations after a young audience who is shifting TV for YouTube. “

I’m not sure what value you’d get out of an ad that shows for 1/25 of a second, and I don’t know which network would be willing to take the risk that they might give some viewers a seizure, but, it’s a novel way to make a profit and donate to charity.

  • What a daft idea. Epilepsy aside, aren’t there rules about subliminal advertising?

    Anyway, it doesn’t look like it’s catching on, in the last 2 months they’ve sold 5 frames…

  • Thanks for your comment Simon.

    In fact we have sold 10 until now. It’s just not updated yet.

    Also, the site was launched to the general public only 3 days ago. Prior to that it has only being tested by me and a couple of friends. (It was even under a pwd)


  • No problem Jose, I hope you are able to make enough for your charity. I have my doubts, but I’ll still wish you luck.

  • I’m not sure the two ideas really map onto each other. With the million dollar homepage you can take your time and see what attracts your attention. Video has a time element to it, if you miss something, it’s gone forever. It might work for well-known brands (Coke, etc), but even I flash my URL up in front of an observer for an entire second ($1000 worth), I don’t see what benefit this will bring to smaller advertisers.

  • Thanks for your comment Owen.

    On their post about ourTVad, editor has put it the right way: L’aspect “Je ne vois rien, c’est trop petit” était déjà assez présent dans le concept “Million Dollar Homepage” mais cette fois OurTVad innove en lancant le concept “Je ne vois rien, ça passe trop vite“…

    Indeed what was once, on the million dollar homepage: “I can’t see it, it’s too small” becomes now “I can’t see it, it’s too fast”.

    However and as before, I believe imagination will overcome the limitation…

  • I must admit jose, that’s a really different idea. Are you receiving many inquiries?

  • shane

    Hey I got it. Oceanfront property along the California coast just $15.00*

    Per grain of sand…