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How sad, on Maundy Thursday, too—all manner of failures:

  • Second Life marketing = failure: GigaOM outlines 3 Reasons Why Marketing in Second Life Doesn’t Work. Oh, good. Now that he’s taken care of that fad, I can go back to bashing covering mobile marketing.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho Evra: The patch itself has been quite effective at preventing pregnancy, but the company is embroiled with lawsuits over the accompanying increased risk of blood clots, etc. What’s a pharma company to do? Buy up and the like. (Interesting online reputation management strategy, I guess. via MediaPost).
  • Banners that blend in get better CTR: “That’s not a failure,” you say. Sure it is. It’s a failure of every banner that tries to stand out. Or, as ThreadWatch put it, “Banner blindness [is] getting worse.”

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?