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I was really excited to read another article from eMarketer Daily (Andy already covered today’s Australia article) on social networks going mobile.

Mostly, though, it was about social networks. But it there was a little new information:

According to a survey of over 1,400 social network members conducted by Compete, social networkers use an average of three sites, and many would visit even more.

In fact, 45% of those surveyed said they would be willing to join four or more social networking sites, with 7% saying they’d be willing to join 10 or more (job seekers?).

Interestingly, because both mobile phones and online social networks keep today’s consumers connected, they seem to be converging.

Hm… once again, we’ll take their word for it. Unless they’re very subtly alluding to things like Facebook Mobile. I’ve complained it before, and I know you’re wondering, so I’ll tell you: my phone’s screen is 1.375″ x 1.375″. I know you’re jealous of my <2 sq in of mobile goodness.

The reality of mobile communications has not been lost on eMarketer:

Since 48% of social networkers join online communities to find entertaining content such as photos, music and videos, and 38% join to get information from other people, successful handset extensions of social networks will need to optimize users’ abilities to perform these actions while overcoming the constraints of a two-inch screen.

Facebook Mobile (which I looked at for the first time today) is working hard to overcome tinyscreenitis. The text formatting fits on the screen and gets a lot of pertinent information on one ‘page,’ including my friends’ updates, the latest post on my wall and more. No pictures, though.

Is not showing pictures the sacrifice we’ll have to accept until the whole world has iPhones?

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  • The size of screens are becoming less of a problem both with its size increasing, and even more interesting the prospect of being able to project screen image onto walls. See

    What remains an obstacle in many countries especially those in the second the third worlds where telecommunication companies are still oligopolies, is the high cost of downloading and sending data.

    In these countries the more limtied format of SMS will have to remain the major means for social contacts.