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It’s been far too long since a blog meme circulated through this neck of the woods, so let’s tackle the tagging handed down by Nathan Weinberg.

The tag seems to be a little weak – I don’t know if it should be 5 reasons, or just 1 – but here goes.

  1. I love blogging! I am totally and disgustingly addicted to blogging. I guess I’m one of those stereotypical net users that just likes to connect to people. Apart from a brief vacation, I’m rarely away from the blog. My wife constantly teases me; “You love that blog more than me, don’t you!”
  2. I first started blogging as a means to share information with fellow employees. When you’re at a company of nearly 200 people, and a dozen a day ask my thoughts on the latest Google news, it just makes it easier to put those thoughts down on a blog. I’m no longer at that company – and have no employees right now – but close to 7,000 people a day visit Marketing Pilgrim to hear my thoughts (oh the pressure).
  3. I got bored writing articles. I must admit, I found blogging to be so much more fun – and less time consuming – than writing 1500-word articles. I like being able to share 50 words or 2000, as frequently, or infrequently, as I like. Blogging allows me to push content that would otherwise remain in my crazy mind, until I found the time to write an article.
  4. Meeting new people. I’ve made many new friends through this blog, and hundreds more that I share a comment or email with now and then. I’m always very flattered when I meet someone at a conference, who tells me they read my blog.
  5. The money. Sure, making money was the furthest from my mind, when I first started blogging, but I’m not going to lie and say it’s not part of why I put 4-5 hours a day into Marketing Pilgrim. Blogging brings me consulting gigs, speaking opps, press interviews and of course, paying advertisers. It’s amazing to earn income from speaking your mind.

Ok, that’s probably enough scary insight for one day. So, I’ll just go ahead a tag five others…

Rand Fishkin

Michael Arrington – maybe he’ll answer from TechCrunch. 😉

Lee Odden

Pete Cashmore

Aaron Wall