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When British diplomat, Ian Proud, agreed to be a guest blogger on an English-language blog in Thailand, he probably didn’t expect it to lead to him being exposed for hanging out in the country’s red-light district.

Proud’s picture appeared with the blog, prompting several Web surfers to post comments saying they had seen him around town, particularly at Bangkok’s red-light districts…Simon Peltier wrote, “I saw him walking arm-in-arm with a girl that could only be described as ‘2 dollar whore.’ I bet that girl got a visa no problem.”

Proud didn’t seem ruffled by the outing, in fact, he pretty much defends his actions.

“Yes, I did go with prostitutes during my tenure here with the British Embassy, but that does not make me a bad person.”

Keep telling yourself that.

Thanks to Willem for the link.

  • So what’s the betting that he may be recalled a month early? 😉

    Not a bad way to launch a blog…

  • Is there something wrong going out with prostitute? If you are single than what? Only your wife should complain if you have some and you can complain if you get some unwanted present from the girl later.

  • You know, just ’cause you don’t approve of sex workers, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a perfectly valid right to make that career choice. Furthermore, as Webmaster Money said, if you’re a single man, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a prostitute.

    In fact, prostitution is arguably an industry as old as a society itself. If that should tell you anything, it’s that there’s a demand for it, and as a marketer, you should be able to appreciate that kind of thing.

    That prostitution is frowned upon says more about our repressed psychology vis a vis an entirely natural human instinct than it does about the sex trade. You sir, are a moral supremacist who should stick to talking about what you know (marketing) and leave the sex related discussions to those who actually get some.

  • I’m not about to hold an ongoing discussion on the morality of prostitution, so comments are closing.