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British Government Asks Google for Help Fighting Cyber Bullying

The British education secretary, Alan Johnson, is using the media to try and convince Google to re-consider its decision not to join a government task force to stop the cyber abuse of teachers.

The search giant, whose YouTube subsidiary has been accused of allowing pupils to post humiliating clips of teachers in their classrooms, had previously turned down a place on the group….Mr Johnson said he would re-invite Google to join because he wanted to “talk through the issue” with the company and find a way that video-sharing sites and social-networking companies could give teachers victimised by anonymous persecutors a way to “seek retribution”.

Google states their decision is based purely on the lack of YouTube personnel in England. Meanwhile Johnson is wagging his finger at Google for not living up to its “social responsibility and moral obligation” to curb online bullying.

It’s amazing how Google can go from villain to hero and back to enemy, in just a few days. I guess Google can’t help everyone, just because they ask for it.