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Bye Bye, Froogle

Suspicions began last September that Google would deemphasize Froogle. Google denied it, standing by their ‘cleverly’ named product search engine.

CNET informs us today: “Froogle” is gone, replaced by “Google Product Search.” As Cnet put it, “it’s better to be clear than clever.”

Google officials interviewed by CNET cite issues with the punny name ranging from clarity to translation to trademarks.

But on to other things the CNET article goes, diving into a rather deep discussion of another Google product that suffers from a less-than-clear name: Google Base. Always makes me think of base jumping.

Ahem. Anyway, if you want to learn more about Google Base, and see how Epicurious improved its results from Google Base, keep reading in CNET’s story on the demise of Froogle.