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We’ve got four full passes to give away for the upcoming Future of Online Advertising conference in New York this June.

It should be a great show, with quality speakers including:

The normal cost is $995 but four lucky readers will get to attend for FREE!

To win, simply leave a comment with the one session you’d most like to attend and why. I’ll select four winners and send you on your way. I’ll close the deadline at 6pm ET today.

Thanks to FOOA for providing the free passes!

:: We actually have a fifth free pass, but we’re going to add that to the SEM Scholarship Prize package! ::

  • Actually, looking at it, I’d rather go to London in February for the FOWA confernece. 🙂 The New York session I’d most be interested in is Mike Hudack’s “How to monetize video in the short and long term” because I think one of the most-forgotten things in internet marketing today is looking for sustainability, rather than going after a fast buck.

  • I’d go for the Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) session ‘How to dramatically increase ad revenue from your site’.

    After all, what person with a site wouldn’t like to dramatically increase their revenue? Then again, for my personal site, any revenue would be a dramatic increase 😉

  • The session I would be most interested in is:
    Chas Edwards (Federated Media) ‘Marketing Beyond Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN with Scale, Quality and Safety’
    The company I work for spends about 99% of its six figure online advertising budget on achieving/holding organic rankings in the Search engines, which I am in charge of. Talk about all your eggs in one basket. Ever since I started the job I noticed a dire need to invest time and money into other avenues of online and offline advertising. A conference of this nature would surely jump start that initiative.

  • I would love to see Steve Rubel’s ‘Ten proven techniques for effective online marketing’. I need all the help I can get when it comes to marketing as I am just starting to do some of my own. I could use the guidance, and I would love to go to the conference. It would go towards making up for missing SES NYC.

  • I would want to go Chas Edwards (Federated Media) ‘Marketing Beyond Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN with Scale, Quality and Safety’. While targeting the big 4 is no brainer, targeting the long tail of search and the other advertising options is a bit more difficult. I would be interested in learning about the other advertising options other than the usual and spreading out my money and perhaps getting even better ROI by targeting more effectively.

  • I’d definitely go with Darren Rouse, because I consider him to be the best when it comes to blog monetization. For me, the ideal job would be getting paid to blog full time (as in Darren Rouse / Shoemoney style). Hopefully after attending his session I could earn enough money by blogging to… (oh shoot.. my boss is going to read this.. well, you get the picture) 🙂

    – OldSchool

  • oops, sorry for mis-spelling Darren’s last name

  • Greg

    I would love to go to see Jay Adelson and here his thoughts on media in the future and the boom of socially driven content, and also to see Darren Rowse as I aspire to be such a good blogger! Sounds like a great show!

  • I’d like to hear what Henry Copeland has to say about Blog Advertising. It is an interesting medium–I’d love to learn more about how advertisers can benefit while also supporting all of the bloggers out there.

  • I’d like to see Jeremy Allaire speak, because I never have. All of the sessions look interesting.

  • I would like to see ‘How to reach new audiences through video’ from Robbie Cohen. I feel that video advertising is the most exciting internet marketing tool on the horizon. Learning about video and how to use it today is the equivalent of getting into seo about 10 years ago. Video is going to be the gold standard of web advertising and I would love to hear Robbie Cohen’s thoughts on it. Thanks for offering this great opportunity!

  • I’d go with the, “How to reach new audiences through video”. Mainly because I work in video production and I’ll be able to sit and eat popcorn during the lecture.

  • Personally I would wait in line for the session called “The most effective online ads – why some make it and others don’t” by Carla Hendra from Ogilvy.

    I believe the content from Ogilvy will be great because they aren’t really pushing their own technology but speaking on behalf of successful campaigns they ran and learned from. If the session includes any kind of analysis and tips that I could use to improve my ads and copywriting, I think the trip to NYC would be very much worthwhile.

    Of course it would be fun to see what ShoeMoney has to say as well… I’m looking for technology agnostic sessions mainly and the conference does seem a little heavy on content from vendors. However if they’ve got some interesting and objective things to say – I’d pay to see it (although prefer not to 🙂

  • phaithful

    Chas Edwards (Federated Media) ‘Marketing Beyond Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN with Scale, Quality and Safety’

    With the state of the industry today and with the way that these large companies are consuming media company upon media company, their stranglehold on the online advertising space is evident. I believe the future of advertising will be to understand how to leverage alternative solutions outside of these large media companies. In preparation of the future, scalability, quality, and safety (e.g. user privacy, security) are crucial for a future competitive field.

    I hope attending this session will provide foresight from both and advertiser and publisher perspective to begin the process of planning the necessary infrastructure needed to excel in a media giant marketplace.

  • The person I’d like to see most is Jay Adelson on ‘Tapping into the ad potential of crowd generated media sites’. I wouuld love to hear his ideas and participate in a discussion on how social networking and media can be best used to generate awareness and drive traffic and conversions. I believe that is a new trend that will become an integral part of any marketers tool chest in the future, and I’d love to get some tips and tricks from Jay on how to do this. I am the Director of Marketing for a company called and we are in the process of defining our marketing strategy for the next year right now – so I would get a ton of useful knowledge if I got the opportunity to attend.


    Darren Johnson
    Director of Product Marketing

  • I would most like to attend Robbie Cohen (Videomment) ‘How to reach new audiences through video.’ Working for the Arizona Democratic Party in developing their internet strategy, I often look to the business internet marketing world to get ideas to apply to political advertising on the internet. We have been eager to use video to reach different audiences and Robbie Cohen definitely could help with ideas for this. Unfortunately, most people in the political realm do not understand the importance of internet marketing knowledge in developing their political marketing plans, and therefore never send their internet communications people to these conferences.