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How would you like a chance to win an iPod for simply sharing your advice for promoting a blog?

Interested? Read on!

Mrs. Andy Beal has gotten the blogging bug and has dived head-first into the blogosphere. Her Go Visit Hawaii blog covers Hawaii vacation news and promises to keep readers updated on the latest Hawaiian travel deals and adventures.

So, I have a few ideas to kick-start her blog traffic, but would love to hear what ideas you might have, for promoting a brand new travel related blog. Perhaps you have a travel blog yourself, or maybe you found a great marketing ploy that helped your blog hit the ground running.

Send your idea for promoting Go Visit Hawaii to “contest AT” and I’ll pick my favorite. I’ll post the winning idea to this blog – complete with a link back to you – and I’ll throw in an iPod Shuffle too!

Send me your ideas before 6pm ET Wednesday and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday (your idea can be simple, complex, long or short – the key is to convey the best idea).

Thanks for your help!

  • Hello, I visit the blog, well it’s well done, very straight!!! I would suggest more images, not only links, show the visitors a little bit more, a first impression is very important.
    Have a great day and greets from Switzerland.

  • The best promotion idea surely has to be getting 100’s of online marketers to talk about the blog and visit it by offering a free iPod 😉

  • @Rob, right, it’s also a solution, needs time! Andy is still promoting, he is a expert. New idea’s maybe are also welcome 🙂

  • RobZZ – sshhh, don’t give the game away. 😉

    Of course, posting here will help, but I doubt many of your are Hawaii enthusiasts.

  • Sue Google.

  • MarkZZ – always a sure thing!

  • Ok, well here’s a selection of half baked ideas – Don’t have time to develop them into respectable entries so other readers feel free to run with them!

    Article – ‘Top 10 celebrities you’d never guess were Hawaiian’ – source from here and a chance to photoshop some hula skirts onto some celebs!

    Link building: Make a badge/widget for Hawaiian bloggers, I suspect they’re as proud of their heritage as any islanders (Including us Brits!). Are there many Hawaiian bloggers? Badge links back to a page on your blog of Hawaiian bloggers. Could lead onto guest posts and other opportunities too..

    Social marketing: Offer a good (Hawaii related?) prize for the best (and worst?) hula dancer – entries must be posted to YouTube/Google Video/etc and should mention the blog in the description. You can then post the best/worst on the blog too – could be quite fun!

  • RobZZ – some cool ideas, thanks for sharing!

  • Speaking of Hawaii enthusiasts: Everyone can buy a ticket and fly to hawaii (if he can afford it of course). Everyone? Not everyone. There is a group of people who can’t just by a ticket: triathletes!

    They have to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and trust me they are hawaii enthusiasts. Get some triathlon specific info on the blog, race info, pictures, behind the scenes, how/where to relax after the event, etc.

    I myself have blog called “My Road to Kona” by the way 🙂

  • I am impressed how many google alerts that gets (about 2 a day). Did she do that by just by using wordpress as a blog/website and by using a lot of features in feedburner and stumbleupon?

  • Hi Christian – there’s a lot of stuff we’re doing, including those that you mentioned.

  • Aloha Andy,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but you and helped with our keywords and marketing campaign about 6+ years ago when you were just getting started. Our VP of Marketing said that their investment in keywordranking was one the best investments he had ever made. When I first started back in 1994 I encountered opposition and doubt since the internet was a novelty back then, but now our e-commerce sales account for more than 10% of all of our sales. Our goal is to reach 20% by next year. To help us reach that goal, I am building a blog called (which will later be just which will tie in information from features information about the Poynesian Cultural Center park in Hawaii, whereas will cover the actual island nations within the Polynesian triangle. Do you have any suggestions to kick start the blog and get several targeted visitors a day?



  • Hi Christian, good to hear from you. I have some ideas that can help, drop me an email

  • rss contests are good. seemed to work for john chow and shoemoney.