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While efforts are underway to block Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, the search giant is trying to downplay how it plans to use DoubleClick customer data.

Meanwhile, DoubleClick’s revealed that it doesn’t actually have the right to do anything with their client’s data. According to CNET, DoubleClick issued a statement to that effect.

“Any and all information collected by DoubleClick is, and will remain, the property of the company’s clients. Ownership rights, like the other terms of DoubleClick’s client contracts, will be unaffected by any acquisition,” according to DoubleClick. “Further, Google would not be able to match its search data to the data collected by DoubleClick, as DoubleClick does not have the right to use its clients’ data for such purposes. By contract, DoubleClick has only the limited rights to use data for its aggregate reporting and to disclose data, if so required, to government authorities.”

So what exactly does Google think it’s buying from DoubleClick?