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eBay Practices Damage Control with Virginia Tech Gunman Accusations

When you’re one of the world’s largest brands, the last thing you want is to be associated with a crime as heinous as the recent Virginia Tech shootings.

eBay has been accused of being the site from which Cho Seung-Hui purchased ammunition for his two handguns. The company has reacted quickly to refute this accusation, stating that it does not sell ammunition while conceding Cho Seung-Hui did purchase ammunition clips and gun holsters.

“Empty ammunition clips and gun holsters are unregulated items that can be legally bought and sold on eBay as well as in retail stores across the US. However, we are saddened that Mr. Cho purchased on eBay any item that may be linked with his actions last week,” the company said in a statement.

Having any part of this event is bad for a company’s reputation, but eBay is smart to squash this suggestion, before it becomes some kind of urban legend and hurts their brand.