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I just heard from Google that they’ve re-branded the Google Personalized Homepage to something less of a mouthful. It will now be known as iGoogle.

My first reaction was, what will Apple have to say about them “borrowing” the whole “i” brand. Then, I remembered that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, sits on the Apple board, so I’m sure it’s all approved.

Along with the new brand comes the launch of Google’s Gadget Maker which will allow even non-developers to create content for their personalized homepage.

According to Google, Gadget Maker currently offers seven templates to create the following types of gadgets:

  • A photo gadget – to delight friends and family with your latest photo collections
  • Google Gram greeting gadget – send your sweetie a gadget with flowers that bloom or chocolates that get nibbled along with a message that changes daily
  • “Daily Me” personal profile gadget – a mini-blog that allows you to share your latest updates and musings
  • personal list gadget – whether it’s a grocery list or a top 10 favorite movies list
  • personalized countdown gadget – allows you to count down to a special event, vacation, birthday, etc.
  • YouTube video favorites gadget – create and share a channel of your favorite YouTube videos
  • Free form gadget – allows you to further customize a gadget if these other choices don’t suit you

Gadget Maker goes live at midnight ET tonight, so here’s a sneak peek…


  • I am sorry but “iGOOGLE” is just too cliché. I would expect something a bit more intuitive considering they have thousands of employees at their disposal.

  • Neato. Not a very creative name, but it’s a great idea and something I’m sure people could have lots of fun with.

    Now…are they actually going to tell people it’s there? I’ve never understood why they are so quiet about all their toys!

  • I don’t know.. I gotta agree with Brian on this one.. When i saw it I thought it was a prank.. I mean come on ‘iGoogle’ that can’t be the best they can come up with.. sheesh

  • indeed. Cheese factor is high on this one!

  • Seriously? I forgot that Apple owns the “i” and that Apple once promised Apple Records they’d never move into the music business. – iRaj

  • iRaj – the iRony is iNTENSE!
    Well done.

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