Posted April 20, 2007 12:49 pm by with 9 comments

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I have to agree with Loren, the new Google AdWords Account Snapshot Beta, looks very similar to Yahoo’s Panama interface.



Hat’s off to Dan London for the scoop.

  • Dan

    It is amazing how similar those two are. I was pretty shocked when I logged in to today and saw I had an “alert”.

    It will be interesting to see how YAHOO! responds to this.

    The basic look of the AdWords interface has received a number of changes of the last few weeks. I wonder if this is just the start of a “prettier” interface.


  • Can’t really blame them. The Yahoo i Panama interface, to me at least, is far superior.

    Although you would think they wouldn’t be so obvious. Wasn’t something like this done before with both their toolbar download pages?

  • So what? Did they patent it? Is the code the same? We’re talking about generic features and naming conventions. How about we stop worrying about who copied who and focus on which performs better?

  • Didn’t we catch them knocking off Yahoo!’s IE7 download page when it came out?

    Here it is: From December, on TechCrunch.

  • Sounds like competition between Yahoo and Google is really heating up. I’d love to join YPN to see what the fuss is all about but you need to be in America to do so.

  • Hats off to Google for recognizing that Yahoo was doing something superior and changing … while lesser companies might think the way they do it is better, so why should they change.

  • @Brian – Agreed. That just so happens to be a more effective way to do it (apparently anyway) and Google would be stupid to lag behind.

    Besides, history upholds that a lot of successful companies are based off stolen ideas. Take Microsoft for example and the Toolbar idea taken from Mac.

  • Seriously, so what? Who cares who copies who?