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Google Calendar Users Sharing Their Passwords

Chris Pirillo has a community announcement for anyone using Google Calendar. He warns that some users are inadvertently storing their usernames and passwords in Google Calendar, while sharing their calendar with the world wide web.

Google has just created an enormous security problem.

Go to your Google calendar web page.

Enter “user password” in the search box.

Click the Search Public Events button.

Scroll down to find many user id’s and passwords for every imaginable thing.

If you’re using Google Calendar, leave now and go and make sure you’re not falling victim to the above oversight.

  • Bilal Hameed

    Dear Andy.

    You might want to have a look at this elaborate post as well, discussing things in detail

  • Webmaster Money

    Why would someone put passwords online on Internet. I am scared to put my passwords in excell password protected file. Cant imagine having it on google even if it wouldnt be possible to share.