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Google’s announced the next step in its plans for world domination of the internet payment processing industry. After successfully launching Google Checkout in the US, the company has moved on to its next target, the United Kingdom.

As with the promotions rolled out in the States, Google hopes to win both the consumer and the merchant with enticing offers.

From now until 2008, merchants that offer Checkout in the UK will receive free credit and debit card processing for all of their Checkout sales. And just so buyers don’t feel left out, we’re giving them £10 off all orders over £30.

If you’ve not made the switch to Google Checkout, give it a try. While I’m using it only to process payments for services and ads, I find it easy to use and you can’t beat free processing!

Just one complaint, the interface is not intuitive to use. Sending an invoice requires hunting down a link in the “settings” section.

  • Does it handle subscriptions?

  • I don’t believe so. I have clients that need to be invoiced each month, and I haven’t seen an option for that. It’s not a problem for me, because I have less than 20 total clients and advertisers, but I could see how a larger company would need some auto-renew option.

    We’ll add that to the list of needed options! 😉

  • lol, yea. That’s actually one of the things I really like about Paypal, I can set up the subscription and then not worry about invoicing/collecting next month. Very useful especially when the numbers are small.

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