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By Saravanan S.

Who thinks so? Not me! While there is a lot of debate on Google becoming evil, lets put that aside and see how to use some cool tools from Google. And these are free tools that will help you with your search engine optimization and pay per click marketing efforts.

Instant Visibility – Google Adwords: Though technically not a tool, this is one of the best advertising platforms on the internet and one which google has been constantly improving while Yahoo and MSN are playing catch up. While it takes a while to learn the nuances of google adwords, once you do so it gives tremendous leverage for your business.

Google Keyword Selector Tool: As the name indicates the tool helps you generate keyword lists which you can utilize to advertise on the pay per click search engines or you can use it to optimize your website. However what many people don’t realize is this tool can be utilized for two critical things, competitor analysis and optimizing your landing page.

Improving your Quality Score – Within the Keyword Selector tool there is an option to input an URL and Google will tell you the keywords that it thinks are relevant to that URL. Now putting in your URL you can figure out how well your landing page is optimized and apply changes to your landing page and improve your adwords quality score

Spying on Competition – Next thing you want to do is put in your competitors URL and see which keywords their pages are optimized for. You might get some insights into what you are missing and you would to get to know how aggressive the competitor is at the least. Though I have talked about applying this to pay per click, there is nothing stopping you to apply it to your SEO efforts.

Increasing your conversion – Google Website Optimizer – After spending your $$ on the search engines, you definitely want the people to convert into leads/sales after they land on your website. There are different sections in a page like the content section, the form capture section, header section and you can present different messages in the content section, different color scheme and so on.

The google website optimizer is a multivariate testing tool that allows you to have 8 sections and 127 different variations within each section. Now that is some tremendous computing power that can be utilized to cut down the time involved in optimizing your landing page or any page on your site.

Google Analytics: This is an enterprise class web analytics application that will let you track all your website marketing efforts and find out what works and what doesn’t. Now one cool trick is to use broad matching on adwords and find out the actual keywords people used to land on your website. Though you wouldn’t be able to track this information directly with google analytics, there is a hack which will let you do just this.

This article focus has been mostly about utilizing the google tools to optimize your search engine marketing efforts and if you need a strategic framework to handle pay per click marketing, you can read through one of my earlier articles.

Wish you best with your website marketing efforts. 🙂

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  • naaaa…google is really 666. That is just “sand to the eyes”. Keep the masses happy and you’ll rule for years.

  • Great article. Also, nice work with the title. I see it does well on the Google SERPs. That’s SEO in action.