Posted April 2, 2007 10:21 am by with 7 comments

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Last week, we reported DoubleClick was back up for sale and that Microsoft was the likely buyer. Now comes news that Google may be interested, which in turn could drive up the valuation to $2 billion.

Would Google really benefit from acquiring DoubleClick, or are they just trying to make Microsoft pay more for the company, than they originally planned?

  • On page B4 of the WSJ today they say that if it goes north of $2 billion MSFT will drop out. They also mention that TimeWarner is interested as doubleclick has a healthy partnership with AOL that they want to protect. Yahoo is also mentioned as a suitor in the article. They all no-commented when asked, except for the statement that it was going to be sorted out in the next few days…

  • I think Google can benefit from buying DoubleClick. It seems a logical extension for them to get into the brokerage of the ads and take a larger share of online ad spending.

    It has been rumored though that Google has been developing a system similar to DoubleClick that they are supposed to be launching this year. If that is the case, I don’t see how the high price would be justified. I think Google needs to be a little more careful when making these billion dollar purchases.

  • Isn’t DoubleClick famous for flashy ads? I would think it wouldn’t really fit in with Google’s clean and simple approach, though they have been straying from their initial ad layouts. I’m a little hazy on them since they dropped off the scene for a while. And I block ads by default anyway.

    I would like to see Google going back to not doing evil.

  • This move is surprising to me; I believe that Google is throwing their hat in the ring but really does not have the intent to make the purchase.

  • Finally! Has i asked in the last post about this, why wasn’t google on the “fight”. And here it is. Let’s see what will be the results, but i most bet that google will win this.

  • Whilst I love Google, I think it’s best (for all of us) if M$ wins this battle. We need competition amongst these scalable advertising networks and M$ appears to be losing their grip in the search marketing war.

  • It’s very difficult to M$ win google search engine war. They invented live, but live is almost the same that msn was, for me it’s worst (at least for now). If M$ doesn’t adopt another strategy it’ll continue to loose and will stay light-years away from google, year after year.
    It’s time for a turn-round, but i doubt that M$ will do it.