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Google has released a new type of report named “Placement Performance Report.” With this report you get detailed statistics of where and how ads performed on sites within the content network. From Google:

Google is testing a new report type called the Placement Performance report so advertisers can view performance metrics for ads that may be running on URLs or domains within our content network.

Google has always provided full online statistical, conversion, and financial reporting for the Google AdWords program. Now with the Placement Performance report, you can gain greater transparency about your campaigns’ performance on the content network for the first time. This report is intended as a tool for you to make informed decisions on improving your campaign’s return on investment.

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This report is run in the same way you run any normal Adwords report. It includes the usual options such as CTR, impressions, and conversion rates which can be grouped by either domain or exact URL where the ad appeared.

This is definitely a step in the right direction but I am a little disappointed. The information only covers the content network while the search network is still shrouded in mystery. Don’t get me wrong, this newly available report will help many increase their ROI through adsense ads and block out small time arbitrage players. Problem is the biggest waste of ad spend is not through the content network. It’s through the search network where anyone with deep pockets or a large domain portfolio can run Google search ads at full price.

Yahoo is ahead of the game in this arena making moves towards being more open with their premium search network feeds. If your Yahoo Panama account is equipped with the full analytics package, you can already see the conversion data for the entire search network including the big arbitrage players. Our Yahoo Rep. tells me they will soon have a way to block search network sites that you don’t want traffic from. Google should do the same.