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Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, is working hard to convince traditional broadcasters that they are not a threat, but merely there to help grow their business.

“Google is a new phenomena. It does not replace radio and television,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told delegates at the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual conference.

Schmidt assures TV and Radio that they are simply helping to bring “efficiency, measurability, targetability,” to their advertising channels.

“The tools that Google are developing are simply better tools than the previous generation of technology.”

OK, I’ll buy it, for now. There’s no doubt that Google has the experience, brainpower and technology to add efficiency to TV and Radio advertising. That said, if I were in TV or Radio advertising, I’d check to make sure my watch was still on my wrist, after shaking Google’s hand.

It’s not so much that they’ll likely get screwed by Google, but the search engine has a habit of saying one thing and doing another. Case in point, they say they’re not competing with PayPal, but every one else sure thinks they are. They say they’re not competing with search marketers, yet their are many stories of Google cutting deals behind their back, and now they’be just bought an SEM firm!

The question mainstream media should ask is this. “Why wouldn’t Google want to dominate your industry?” If there’s money to be made, they’ll simply claim they offering what their users want.

I’m not trying to make Google out to be an evil tyrant. I’m simply stating that you should remain guarded when dealing with Google. Sure you need them, but they’ve shown that they only need you, until they’ve learnt enough to go it alone. Keep you guard up!

  • Glad to hear this opinion.

    I feel that people in the online marketing industry too often give Google a pass when it comes to trust and business matters, as I’ve stated here before.

    It’s almost like Google is considered “open source” compared to their competition’s evil. Why so when they are vendor to many of us and are completely closed-door when it comes to discussing their platform and it’s faults?

    It needs to be said, and they need to keep on their toes about topics like this. I’m mostly concerned about their primary offering, AdWords, but when their self-proclaimed better technology is opened up to TV, radio, newspapers, etc. then more advertisers will feel the same pain that PPC marketers do now and realize Google isn’t as white-as-snow despite the long-lasting good will they’ve enjoyed.

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  • Haha. Very good opinion and very true. In many cases, Google really is improving on a product. For example, Paypal has grown greedy. Google offers a cheaper solution. And with its most recent launch with Chrome, Google has created a browser which has more innate abilities, which is what I really do want.

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