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Google’s Case Study on Zombie/Botnet Click Fraud

More than a year after Marketing Pilgrim first highlighted the seriousness of click fraud using zombie networks, Google has published a white paper entitled “The Anatomy of Clickbot.A.”

In it, Google’s Click Quality and Security Teams highlight the activities of a botnet-based click fraud operator named Clickbot.A.

Clickbot.A is an example of a botnet operator attempting a click fraud attack against syndicated search engines. Google was able to identify clicks on our advertisers’ ads that exhibited Clickbot.A-like patterns and flagged them as invalid. While Clickbot.A is a specific example of a botnet application that conducted click fraud, botnets can also be used for keylogging, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and other types of attacks.

The paper lacks an executive summary, and looks drier than lint on a camel’s back, so if you read it, please leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

  • GruancH

    With a stealth version of the firefox code you can force the user to click on links for you the code overlays the existing browser and it follows the mouse so when a user clicks on a link it then clicks on the stealth advert and passes the click onto the browser the user is non the wiser and the click goes thru