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Unless you’re a teen reader of Marketing Pilgrim, or happen to have a teenager in the house, you may not know anything about Zwinky. The IAC owned site allows you to create custom avatars, give them a wardrobe, hair, accessories and then add them to MySpace and interact with others.

Up until today, your Zwinky had a limited existence and didn’t get out much – probably too much homework. Now, thanks to the launch of Zwinktopia, your avatar can grab its iPod, skateboard etc, and head out into the real virtual world.

As TechCrunch explains

Today Zwinky will add a virtual world to the site called Zwinktopia – users can use their avatars to roam around the world, chat with other users and engage in activities to earn Zbucks, the virtual currency of Zwinktopia. Zbucks can be used to buy virtual clothing and other goods.

The 4.7 million unique visitors to Zwinky, and the 20 million who have downloaded the Zwinky toolbar, will no doubt be delighted with the news. Including Michael Gray, who I know is a big fan of Zwinky and can hardly pull himself away. Ok, so not really, but then again I didn’t give him $100 to be part of his paid-link meme either. 😉

  • Angel

    I would like to ask a question how do you egt on here.

  • Try doing a search for ‘zwinky’ in google. I found zwinktopia to actually be pretty interesting. I must have been chatting for abour 4 hours before I signed off, lol!

  • I dont see why this idea would not catch on. I hope it works out for the IAC.

  • Anjala Brewton

    I think I will really enjoy this website for teenagers like me. This will probably give me more things to do during the day.