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No, “m-marketing” isn’t really delicious marketing (yum, link bait!). It’s just one of the latest additions to the alphabet soup of all forms of Internet marketing, short for mobile marketing.

Back to our favorite mobile marketing debate: is the world really ready for mobile marketing?

The E-Commerce Times asks that question. They get one answer from Alfredo Narez, VP of Marketing for Air2Go, a mobile marketing and content provider.

I expect that 2007 will be the year that marks a giant advancement in off-deck content. Publishers, brands, enterprises, and marketers alike have started to see critical mass in the campaigns that they have put together over the last couple of years, and are ready to take advantage of the advancements in mobile technology

In addition, the growth in cross-channel marketing campaigns are making the nonpremium or off-deck mobile interaction far more valuable for the end-user.

Of course, the ECT doesn’t ignore the hurdles facing the industry:

  • Handset limitations — the emergence of truly music-appropriate mobile devices is just now underway;
  • Uneducated, fearful consumers — some early off-deck ringtone providers were less than scrupulous with their billing practices;
  • Lack of technical standardization;
  • Legal issues — copyrights, fair use, etc.; and
  • Bandwidth limitations.

Once again, the conclusion is basically: no, the world’s not ready quite yet, but it’s right around the corner. No, really, this time, it’s this corner, I swear. We have a catchy little hyphenated buzzword for it and everything.

One of these days, we’ll just have to be right. Process of elimination.

  • It’s true that those hurdles exist, but every year we move one step closer to removing them. Phones are much more powerful today than they ever were, more and more bandwidth is available to them etc

    Should be an interesting couple of years to come

  • Jordan McCollum

    Definitely. It’s a “one day” kind of thing, but it seems like every week there’s a “it’s just around the corner” prediction.