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Time magazine wants your help in determining the most influential people of the year. They’ve posted a short-list of 200 potential candidates, and guess who’s currently topping the list?

Stephen Colbert!

Could the mischievous Comedy Central host possibly add “most influential” person of the year, to his “greatest living American” title?

You decide!

  • Dean

    Sidney Crosby at #4 and John Mayer at #15???? First, how can a player in a sport nobody watches have any influence on anything? John Mayer? John Mayer???? I guess dating Jessica Simpson must give you some stature.

    I must be missing something. Next you’ll tell me that Sanjaya kid made the list…err…umm…nevermind. 😛

  • …and Thierry Henry at #39?? Well I guess he’s spent this season influencing Wenger to sell him…

  • Steve Jobs, Matt Groening, and Jon Stewart make sense for top three, because they tend to provide products / opinions / commentary to people at a very adaptable age.

    Most of the list seems ridiculus (worthy of ridicule), as if National Enquirer put it together.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Right now: Perez Hilton, #21. Paris Hilton, dead last (#203).

  • Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry…once a gooner, always a gooner! 😉

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