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The NYT looks at the growth of Twitter and comes to the same conclusion as many of us. Twitter is neat, intriguing, but does it have a place in business or your friends circle.

I’ve been using Twitter for a week or so now, and I certainly find it hit and miss. While I enjoy the personal Tweets of some friends, others I’d just prefer to hear about their business activities. Maybe Twitter needs some kind of tag that describes the tweet as either personal or business – that way you could filter them out.

  • I’ve been ‘twittering’ for a month or so at this point. It is fascinating to see the people I know or people I’ve been introduced to through Twitter. However I do think their are great possibilities for companies to use Twitter (or something similar) to communicate quickly with a group of people who have opted-in. Imagine the possibilities this holds for news outlets or even government orgs to push out information quickly that then pulls people to individual sites.

    We’ll see what happens, but certainly the ability to perform marketing using Twitter is already underway.


  • Twitter is one of those fads that I wish would just die already.

    If I was a teenager, sure I might find it fun. As a business, that’s what email subscriptions and blogs are for.

  • I love twitter – we used it a lot at the podcasthotel in san francisco this weekend. It worked great as a tool for “Group IMing”.

  • I’ve had a look at twitter – the problem is, like all social networking sites, the only way to get to grips with what to do is to add friends. I don’t know of any friends using the service and don’t want to invite my friends through fear of wasting their time. Similarly, I don’t want to add strangers as friends, because quite frankly, I’m not interested in what they’re doing. So what’s it all about?

  • Hey Andy, love your twitter page background.. lol 🙂

  • Andy, I’m with you on the uncertainty of the usefulness of Twitter, but I have’t ruled it out yet. I think your idea here is interesting, and may be a good solution to the problem you mentioned.