Posted April 11, 2007 5:32 pm by with 7 comments

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We all appreciate FeedBurner for giving us user-friendly subscribe links, manageable feeds, feed statistics and site statistics.

Of course, FeedBurner isn’t just about fun and handy features. Because they basically republish your blog content through their site, there has been some concern about duplicate content problems lately. Additionally, there’s a possibility that your feed might appear in search engine results or even outrank your blog.

There are a few solutions to this dilemma. Daniel at Daily Blog Tips recommends nofollowing your links to your FeedBurner feed. He suggests that this solution would decrease the likelihood that your feed page will outrank your actual blog or incur a duplicate content penalty.

FeedBurner’s official blog is also addressing the issue of SEO’ing your FeedBurner feed this week. Among the more interesting tips:

  • 302 requests for your feed from your server to your FeedBurner page (the 302 is just in case you do eventually move them)
  • Select the “NoIndex” option (under the Publicize tab) to add a NoIndex tag to your feed page
  • They only allude to this instead of saying it directly (like they did back in October), but I will: hard code your FeedBurner feed URL into your headers to help search engines with autodiscovery. (Remember back when we told you to do that for your Blogger/Blogspot blogs? It’s a good idea for all blogs.)

They also tout two paid services designed to further improve your feed: My Brand ($2.99/month for up to 3 feeds), so you can move your feed page from to and TotalStats Pro ($4.99/month for up to 3 feeds), so you can 301 (or 302) your feed’s clickthroughs to your site, further minimizing duplicate content risks.

Is it worth it to pay for their services? If you’ve already tried their other tips for SEO’ing your feed and your feed page still outranks your blog, then it’s probably worth it to at least pay for My Brand so you can host the more popular page on your own site.