Welcome New Advertiser – Unlimited Web Solutions

I’m delighted to welcome Unlimited Web Solutions as a new Marketing Pilgrim advertiser.

Headed-up by David Williams and Fred Wood, UWS provides a wide array of search marketing services including:

  • Link building and baiting, with a focus on obtaining valuable .edu links.
  • Web development and optimization.
  • Optimized press releases for just $295 with a fast turnaround.

They’re right in my back yard, and I’ve consulted with David in the past, so I’m happy to have them as a sponsor.

I hope you’ll give them consideration for your next SEM project.

Mozilla Launches Social Network for Firefox

If you’re tired of having to visit your favorite social network, whenever you want to message friends or share content, why not have the network come to you for a change?

That’s exactly what Mozilla has planned with their Mozilla Labs experiment, “The Coop“. The Coop is a Firefox browser extension that places the social network exactly where you’d use it the most – your browser.

We want to create a fun and easy way to share links with your friends, and to browse the set of links that friends have shared with you. We also want to make it easy to “subscribe” to a friend in order to make it easy to keep track of the pictures, movies, blog posts and status information that they might be posting on a variety of services. There’s a project page that describes The Coop in a bit more detail…

Jailed Blogger Finally Freed After Making Deal

We wanted to give you some good news on the continuing saga of jailed blogger Josh Wolf – he’s finally a free man.

According to CNET, Wolf agreed to hand over the video he had shot of an anarchist protest in San Francisco on July 8, 2005, and also answer two questions posed by prosecutors.

The questions were whether he knew the identity of the person who threw an object at the police car during the protest, and if he could identify the person that Officer Pete Shields, injured during the protest, was pursuing at the time. Wolf said he answered “no” to both. He agreed to answer the questions because “there was nothing to be given by them,” said.

Survey: Merchants Dish on SEM

Internet Retailer has released their latest survey on the state of search engine marketing: oh, the beautiful data.

Of the merchants surveyed, the largest group (37.9%) said that over half of their online marketing budgets are spent on SEM. Also in the good news category, the largest group (30.2%) said that more than half of their online revenue is attributable to search engine marketing.

The survey asked the merchants for a general status check up, comparing SEM’s performance to that of the merchant’s other marketing methods. 57.4% said that SEM performed “much better” or “better” than their other marketing methods. 17.2% said they performed the same. 12.7% said worse (only 0.4% said much worse) and 12.3% said they don’t know. So a full 25% of those surveyed think search marketing performs worse than other marketing methods or have no idea how it compares.

If You Game Digg You Will Get Banned, Unless…..

There’s a little buzz surrounding the newest pay for Diggs service called Subvert and Profit with both the Online Marketing Blog and Tech Crunch have covering it. It’s not the first website created specifically to game Digg and it won’t be the last.

I’m not going to debate the ethics involved with gaming Digg or any other social media site. It is what it is. I do want to warn anyone thinking about using such a service. Digg is very aware of them and actively monitors their actions. If you’re going to use one make sure you understand the possible repercussions.

The S&P blog claims their system is setup so you won’t get banned from Digg.

MySpace to Hold Presidential Primaries; Should Candidates Care?

TechCrunch reports that MySpace will be holding the first presidential primary on Jan 1-2, 2008. In Michael’s post and in its comments, there are a number of contentions and concerns about this announcement, including:

  • It’s a publicity stunt
  • It will really influence real world primaries
  • It won’t really influence real world primaries
  • “This is pure crap that will be spun as voter base support for a candidate.”
  • The primary would be better conducted through Facebook, which would minimize duplicate/puppet accounts as well as tie “voters” to US residency

Personally, I like the Facebook suggestion (Michael’s idea), and not just because I’m a member of Facebook.

Lots of Marketing Jobs

There are a lot of open job listings posted at the Marketing Pilgrim Job Board. Here’s what you’ll find listed.

Need help filling your marketing job listings? Post your job for 30 days for just $47!!