Technorati Looking to Sell?

UPDATE: David Sifry left us the following comment – “I can assure you that Technorati is not for sale. We’re having too much fun and seeing significant growth, and there’s a bunch more stuff coming soon as well.”

I have to agree with Mark Evans’ observation on David Sifry’s “State of Technorati” post, it sure feels like he’s plumping his plumage, in hopes of finding a suitor. Hey, I’d boast too, with this kind of growth…

We’ve seen huge growth in the number of unique visitors to our site. In March, we exceeded 9 million unique visitors, which is a 141% increase in monthly visitors in a single quarter. Moreover, our quarter-over-quarter growth in page views was about 150% at the close of March (23% Growth in January, 24% Growth in February, 53% Growth in March).

Get Your Free Online PR Briefing

Now that E-consultancy is fully on my radar – and in my inbox – I’m impressed by the amount of free content that comes out of this UK marketing resource.

Today, our readers can head on over to their site and pick up a free copy of their “Online PR Briefing“, which covers:

  • What is Online PR?
  • Which department or agency should own Online PR?
  • SEO and Online PR
  • Importance of bloggers
  • Affiliates and Online PR
  • Brands and Forums

We’ll assume it’s just an oversight that they didn’t include our “Beginners Guide to Online Reputation Monitoring” in their list of resources. ;-)

Google Earth Under a Microscope

Trying to distance yourself from suggestions that you are too powerful, or becoming more like Microsoft, is hard to do when a U.S. House Subcommittee sends you a letter claiming you’re attempting to “airbrush history.”

That’s exactly the kind of attention Google would have preferred to have avoided, when it recently came to light that Google Earth had switched back to images of New Orleans, pre-Katrina.

…Google is expected to officially respond to the U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology’s subcommittee regarding its reasoning behind the imagery alterations following a concerned letter sent to Google CEO Eric Schmidt from the subcommittee chairman, Rep. Brad Miller. Miller’s communiqué to Schmidt suggested that Google’s outdated imagery was “doing the victims of Hurricane Katrina a great injustice by airbrushing history.”

Web Site Attention is the New Page View

R/WW takes a look at Compete’s attempt to track the engagement level of web sites by looking at more than just visitors and page views.

With increasing use of Flash and Ajax, using page views as a measure of a site’s popularity becomes more redundant (since only one page actually loads). To help marketers better research the popularity of web sites, they’ve introduced two new metrics:

  • Attention: The total time spent on a site as a percentage of the total time spent online by all U.S. internet users
  • Velocity: The relative change in daily Attention; velocity is used to determine the relative growth of a website compared to other sites

Here are the top 20 web sites in February, ranked by consumer attention, according to Compete.

Contest: Share Your Best Blog Promotion Tip, Win an iPod

How would you like a chance to win an iPod for simply sharing your advice for promoting a blog?

Interested? Read on!

Mrs. Andy Beal has gotten the blogging bug and has dived head-first into the blogosphere. Her Go Visit Hawaii blog covers Hawaii vacation news and promises to keep readers updated on the latest Hawaiian travel deals and adventures.

So, I have a few ideas to kick-start her blog traffic, but would love to hear what ideas you might have, for promoting a brand new travel related blog. Perhaps you have a travel blog yourself, or maybe you found a great marketing ploy that helped your blog hit the ground running.

Google Finally Tests Television Ads

After much rumor and speculation, Google has announced their plans to beta test Google TV ads and has secured EchoStar and Astound Cable as distribution partners.

According to the “Google Gram” delivered a few minutes ago (that’s what Google called their informal email)…

With Google TV ads, the entire process is automated – from planning the campaign to uploading and serving the ad to reporting on its effectiveness.  Like our AdWords advertising program, Google TV ads are bought using an auction model and through a single online interface that is already familiar to agencies and advertisers.

Google TV hopes to take advantage of “set-top-box” technology and provide advertisers with “aggregate, anonymized set-top-box metrics” as part of their reporting.

SEM Scholarship Contest Reminder

How’s your entry to our SEM Scholarship contest coming along?

This Friday is the deadline for entries, so if you’ve not yet put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), here are some things to consider.


  1. A strong title is key! If you take a look at those that did well last year, you’ll see that strong titles played an important part in their popularity.
  2. Social media is a subject that is hot in search marketing right now. The winner last year, focused his efforts on social media marketing, and it paid dividends.
  3. A quality article will attract the visitors for you. While the contest will test you ability to drive traffic over 4 weeks, write an outstanding article and it will do most of the work for you!
  4. Remember attention spans are shorter online. Engage your audience with your first paragraph, use bullet points to break up content, and pack it with your best advice – don’t hold back!