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Real Mobile News

When I mentioned eMarketer earlier, I said their story on social and mobile converging was just about social. So I went back to yesterday’s eMarketer to get a real story on mobile marketing.

Yesterday’s story was about a new report on mobile marketing best practices by Forrester Research. In addition to best practices, the study looks at mobile advertising penetration. Unsurprisingly, it’s low: “only 13% of interactive marketers used text messaging to reach consumers in December 2006″ and only 11% advertised on wireless application protocol websites.

So, basically, it’s the same old, same old for mobile marketing: after being hyped beyond belief for months—years—no follow up.

There was one inspiring success story in eMarketer’s story:

Response rates for marketers who do connect are compelling. A Dunkin’ Donuts-sponsored mobile campaign in downtown Boston used SMS mobile coupons for new latte drinks. Consumers got coupons through a geographically targeted WAP campaign on various Boston mobile Web sites. The campaign generated a 4% click-through rate that converted into a 21% increase in store traffic from customers redeeming their coupons. . . .

“Done well, if it’s relevant and targeted, mobile advertising can help drive down costs to the consumer while helping grow revenues for the mobile operator[,” said Wayne Irwin of Logica.]

Don’t have the $379 to shell out for Forrester’s report? Charles Knight, who’s getting to be a regular contributor over at Read/WriteWeb, expanded his mobile search toolkit today to 85 ‘pieces’ (up from 55). Go get crackin’!