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We’re in the second week of the SEM Scholarship contest and many of the entrants are being creative with promoting their article.

As I mentioned in the contest guidelines, we want you to promote your article the same way you’d promote the web site of a Fortune 100 brand. If you’d use the tactics to promote a campaign for GE or Apple, you’re probably safe.

We have over 7,000 daily readers to Marketing Pilgrim, and I’m asking each of them to be my eyes and my ears when it comes to spotting any promotion tactics that might cross the line.

For example, dropping links in forum posts of popular message boards, if it violates that forum’s rules, would count as a spam tactic. However, if the forum encourages you to post links, you’re all set.

Another example, submitting your article multiple times to a social bookmarking site = spam. Many referrals from the same IP address, without an actual domain name, will also raise a lot of questions.

Please, be creative with your efforts, but please also avoid anything that even smells like spam. If you have any doubt, please email me (scholarship AT and I’ll let you know if your planned tactic could result in getting kicked out of the contest.

Lastly, once your article has been up for two weeks, please feel free to drop me an email and I will provide you (the entrant) with your unique visitor tally and top 3 referral sources.

Thanks and good luck!

  • I don’t think it would be possible to track who is doing the spamming. It would be very easy for somebody to do some external spam to somebody else and get the disqualified.