Posted April 4, 2007 12:16 pm by with 8 comments

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If you’re new to search engine optimization, and not really had time to build up experience with what works and what doesn’t, you’d be smart to head over to SEOmoz’s new Search Engine Rankings Factors study.

SEOmoz asked 37 SEO experts to vote on various factors that impact (or don’t impact) an optimization campaign. If you’re a believer in the “wisdom of crowds”, you’ll probably find a lot of value in studying the aggregate opinions of others.

  • Andy – wish we could have had you in there, too. BTW – It was 37 folks; I sent emails to about 60, but I’m guessing that many people didn’t have the time.

  • I read the whole article, it’s of great value for us new so SEO, it’s a great resource. You will find a list of the best seo practices to have in mind when thinking of optimizing a web page, evaluated by top seo practitioners.

  • Hi Rand, I don’t recall seeing an email from you. 🙁 Maybe it was while I was “down under”.

  • It’s nice that you can compare what each professional says about the specific topics.

  • I surely wouldnt say its only good for SEO newbies, SEO Practices. Seasoned professionals will find it reassuring to read the same things they think.

    Great read I must say.

  • I saw at least one quote in there that made me think, is that person on crack?

    Overall a good rundown though.

  • Like I said on WPW, overall it was a nice easy read, but like said above nothing terribly new for the experienced online marketer. For a newbie, however, see the popular names attached quotes on each subject is very reassuring.

    I still feel many of us SEO/SEM’s can reach the same destination for our clients using many different avenues, thus their is no one right way to do things.

  • I honestly found the list a little lacking – I know it is good to preach optimization based on one path through the complexities of the Google algorithms, but totally different paths can be extremely effective.